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  • Personalised Mini Me Doll Astronaut ❤️

    Brand: Henry Factory
    Product Code: 0001
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    Personalised Mini Me Doll Astronaut 

    My Little Me is the brand new doll that allows you to create and personalise your own special doll. Individual Little Me Cushions, Mini Me Cushions, Mini Me Doll, Custom Photo Dolls, Unique Photo Requests and Personalised Gifts for Kids all at your fingertips. Personalised Little Me Dolls are the latest craze, with a mini-me doll that looks just like you! With a little bit of your help, our skilled artists and craftsmen will take great care in creating your very own personalised mini me cushion. We then take it one step further by producing a custom Photo Doll for you to treasure forever!

    Little Version of You

    Enjoy the best of both worlds with your very own personalised Little Me. Choose from a selection of clothing, hair and eye colours to create a unique and lifelike version of you - perfect for taking photos with or placing in any setting. You can also upload your own photo and we will turn it into a bespoke Cushion Doll - just like mini me! Who do you know that would be thrilled to receive their very own Little Me? 

    Personalised Fabric Cushions

    Our Personalised Little Me Dolls are unique, individual and personalised. Make your person dolly exactly as you want them. My Little Me doll is a gift from you to the child in your life, letting them know you were thinking of them (as parents do). The child's name is printed on their personalised mini me doll, and can be embroidered onto any of our reproduction fabric cushions. Choose from a range of outfits and accessories to help create the unique Mini Me doll nobody else will have. Personalise your doll by uploading your own photo, or just use one of our many stylish stock photos. Get creative and choose your favourite outfit for each occasion; from formal party dresses to soft play clothes.

    • Personalised Photo Dolls is the perfect gift idea, and a great way to personalize a child’s bedroom.
    • This special custom made doll features you in miniature form - just the one that you've always wanted!
    • Customize your own custom made plush dolls with a photo of yourself, your friend, child, partner, or anyone else you love!
    Floya L.
    All I can say is wow. This doll is adorable! She is so lifelike and she looks just like her pictures. All of my friends have commented on how cute she is. She is also very sturdy which makes it easy to play with her, unlike some other dolls I've had that break easily. I would recommend this doll to anyone who wants a cute little friend for their kids (or even themselves).
    I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future!
    I ordered a little me doll, and not only was the ordering process super simple, but the customer service I received was fantastic!
    I ordered a photo doll for my niece's birthday. She was over the moon with it and loves taking her dolly to bed.
    I have just ordered a photo doll of me for my daughter who is also delighted with the doll.
    The doll arrived within a week and she is ADORABLE! This will make a great gift for my best friend's baby shower.
    This is real fantasy!
    I love my customised doll. She's been named after me and it feels amazing to see myself in a doll! The doll is very soft. I'm going to treasure her forever!