Personalised Mini Me Doll Astronaut ❤️

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Personalised Mini Me Doll Astronaut 

My Little Me is the brand new doll that allows you to create and personalise your own special doll. Individual Little Me Cushions, Mini Me Cushions, Mini Me Doll, Custom Photo Dolls, Unique Photo Requests and Personalised Gifts for Kids all at your fingertips. Personalised Little Me Dolls are the latest craze, with a mini-me doll that looks just like you! With a little bit of your help, our skilled artists and craftsmen will take great care in creating your very own personalised mini me cushion. We then take it one step further by producing a custom Photo Doll for you to treasure forever!

Little Version of You

Enjoy the best of both worlds with your very own personalised Little Me. Choose from a selection of clothing, hair and eye colours to create a unique and lifelike version of you - perfect for taking photos with or placing in any setting. You can also upload your own photo and we will turn it into a bespoke Cushion Doll - just like mini me! Who do you know that would be thrilled to receive their very own Little Me? 

Personalised Fabric Cushions

Our Personalised Little Me Dolls are unique, individual and personalised. Make your person dolly exactly as you want them. My Little Me doll is a gift from you to the child in your life, letting them know you were thinking of them (as parents do). The child's name is printed on their personalised mini me doll, and can be embroidered onto any of our reproduction fabric cushions. Choose from a range of outfits and accessories to help create the unique Mini Me doll nobody else will have. Personalise your doll by uploading your own photo, or just use one of our many stylish stock photos. Get creative and choose your favourite outfit for each occasion; from formal party dresses to soft play clothes.

  • Personalised Photo Dolls is the perfect gift idea, and a great way to personalize a child’s bedroom.
  • This special custom made doll features you in miniature form - just the one that you've always wanted!
  • Customize your own custom made plush dolls with a photo of yourself, your friend, child, partner, or anyone else you love!

Mini Me Astronaut Doll

Personalised gifts are the best presents to give your loved ones. If you want to impress someone, buy personalised gifts for him/her. Our custom cushions are unique and special gifts, which can be given on any occasion to your loved one.

The personalized cushion is the best gift option for you to give your kids or anyone you love because it is a gift that they will remember for years. It will have their name permanently printed on it. It is just like a mini version of themselves. They will love it so much.

Mini Me Astronaut Doll is the perfect gift for friends, family or just to treat yourself

Your kid's name will be printed on the front side of the cushion with the image of an astronaut giving it a unique look. You can also choose different colour combinations so that it looks good with other décor items in the house or room where you are planning to place it. The Mini Me Astronaut Doll is a unique gift that can be ordered online at It is a child's first step into the world of Astronomy and Space exploration. 

Mini me astronaut is a collection of cute, high-quality, high-detail miniature dolls. Each doll is packed with personality and comes complete with original accessories. MiniMe Astronaut Dolls are perfect for any occasion, whether it's a birthday, Christmas or simply just because!

The Mini Me Astronaut Dolls feature all the cool space gear you'd expect from a real astronaut: helmet, jet pack and even a little of the earth. They're also dressed in the official NASA uniform (which makes them great for any aspiring astronaut out there!).

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves space and adventure. Whether they dream of going to Mars one day or simply exploring their own backyard, these adorable Mini Me dolls will make the perfect playmates. Each doll features a personalised message which you can add when you place your order.

You can have your very own mini-me Astronaut doll - just send us a photo of the person you want the doll to look like. We will then create an Astronaut doll based on that photo.

You can choose from the following options:

  1. Astronaut Pilot
  2. Astronaut Moon Landing Mission
  3. Astronaut Spaceship Commander
  4. Astronaut Wearing a Spacesuit.

As you can see from the pictures, we can do any colour for the spacesuit and caps, as well as any colour t-shirt underneath (if you wish). We also put the t-shirt colour in the middle of your choice of t-shirt (if you select that option). We will change any colour on clothing or spacesuits if you prefer something else.


Below is a list of suggestions for possible messages:

  • ❤ "My name is (name). I love you and miss you"
  • ❤ "I'm (name) and I love you! xoxo"
  • ❤ "I'm (name). You are my favourite Mum"
  • ❤ "I'm (name) and I love pizza!"
  • ❤ "This is me (name), my life is brilliant"
  • ❤ "I'm (name) and I love you to the moon and back"
  • ❤ "I'm (name), my friends are awesome"
  • ❤ A new baby will be born in your family! This is the perfect gift to congratulate the new parents of this baby. The new baby will get this present on his/her first birthday.
  • ❤ This is also a great gift for grandparents, godparents, aunties, uncles, cousins or anyone else who loves children! Surprise your loved ones with this new cushion cover which they will never get tired of.

Mini Me Astronaut Doll, Mini Me, personalised doll, mini me personalised cushion, personalised gift. Mini Me astronaut doll is an adorable mini version of an astronaut. This little astronaut is the perfect companion for any child who loves space! This Mini Me Astronaut Doll is available as a soft toy or a cushion. It's a great gift for anyone who loves space, astronauts and the universe.

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Personalised Mini Me Doll Astronaut ❤️

Personalised Mini Me Doll Astronaut ❤️ this is an exclusive gift created specially for your order using high quality materials. The product is fully functional with reliable printing. Your gift may be the only one in the world.

A Personalised Mini Me Doll Astronaut ❤️ made specifically for a loved one will always be the best gift. The best moments in life will delight and remind you of your concern for a long time.

To buy a Personalised Mini Me Doll Astronaut ❤️ online, all you have to do is upload a photo or add the text that you want to personalise on the gift, add it to the basket, indicate the recipient's name and address and pay using PayPal.