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Personalised Cushions

Cushion with your print

  • 100% made in EU
  • Fabric - Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100.
  • Printing - Full-color CMYK printing according to your design
  • An advertising pillow with a full-color print, filled with a silicone ball, is produced in EU from the highest quality fibers, confirmed by the Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 certificate.
  • The cushion is available in several sizes and in two variants of fabrics,
  • Microfiber 130gr - soft and pleasant to the touch
  • Ortalion 140gr - waterproof polyester nylon

You can also order a cushions according to any shape!

Photo Cushions from 12.97€

Make your home your own, personalise our cushions with any photo! Choose from a wide range of cushion designs, fabrics and backgrounds. Create Photo Cushions today. Personalise a memory with our Photo Cushions, create your own cushion from your favorite photo or design. Great home decoration ideas for sofas, bedrooms, man caves and office chairs or as a special gift. Full color printing onto soft-touch polyester covers.

Personalised cushion with a Photo

To have your own personalised cushion with a Photo on, is the ideal gift for many occasions: Weddings, Birthdays, Mothers Day, Father’s Day, Anniversary, Corporate or simply to say I love you. It is also a great idea as corporate gifts for companies. Are you in the market for cushions with photos depicting your favourite football team? Or how about a cushions with your favourite pet or famous cartoon character? Henry Factory Studio has an extensive array of personalized cushion covers from which to choose. These cushion covers can be used for pillows, sofas, and chairs. It's all about you're style and imagination, create your own photo cushions today!

Photo Cushions high quality product

Customise your own cushions with our photo cushions. Made from high quality fleece, print using the latest digital process with photographic quality results. Photo Cushions - Made in EU with premium quality fabrics at high definition resolution. Our photo cushions are digitally printed, cut and sewn. Only tiny gaps between the individual pixels of fabric ensures a truly beautiful high resolution image that doesn't fade. 

Full colour photo cushions

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to make your room a more beautiful and vibrant place? These full colour photo cushions are just what you need. The cushions are made out of high quality polyester, which means that they will not fade over time from all the sun. It is very easy and fast to create these custom cushions because all you have to do is submit a nice photo and our experienced designers can make it look even better.

Personalised Photo Cushions with Text

Personalised photo cushions with text are the latest trend in cushion design. Just like your own photo, the custom photo cushion, mini me doll is a reflection of you. It’s yours to keep and use as you wish. Personalised photo cushions are not only suitable for moving images but can also be used for framing a particular scene or displaying a artwork.

If you have purchased a product online and would like to keep it, then the option to return it can be a smart one. We have developed Personalised Photo Cushions with Text which enhances the online experience when ordering. We have taken the simple idea of providing our customers with specially designed cushions and developed them into one of the world’s leading online retailers. Personalised photo cushion is the most talked about product on our website. We have received overwhelming positive feedback from customers who use Personalised Photo Cushions with Text.

Cushions are all the rage now and for good reason. They provide comfort and a personal touch to your home furnishing, while also being eco-friendly and costing significantly less than traditional hard bubbles or foam mattresses. Users also love the ability to personalise their cushions by adding text, pictures or quotes. This is where love comes into play. If you feel especially ambitious, you can even create your own designs using visuals from your own collection or the artwork at your favourite store!

Personalised Cushions Next Day Delivery

The Henry Factory Cushion is being brought to you by Henry Factory Personalisation. We want to provide our customers with personalised cushions that will be specially delivered the next day. In addition, our goal is to give all our customers the convenience of ordering from multiple stores at once. All Henry Factory products are sold in accordance with our guidelines which states that:

  • * The price shall be the same for both online/offline purchase.
  • * There shall be no promotional discounts or discounts on specific types/sizes of the product.

We take pride in our customer service and creating personalized products is at the heart of everything we do. Getting the perfect gift has never been easier with Henry Factory! Create a list of things you would like to purchase and add them to your basket. When you find the perfect product, simply select it from our online store and pay for it with your credit card. The security of our online payment system ensures your order gets shipped as soon as all payments have been processed.

Best Personalised Photo Cushions with Picture

What is the best personalised photo cushion? It is the combination of customer service and comfort that can make a customer's experience more pleasant. When choosing a photo cushion, factor in your needs and those of your customers. Do you want a photo cushion for someone with wrinkles? A photo cushion to give someone who has lost their job emotional support during tough times? You can get a lot of benefit from investing in a photo cushion!

Photo memory foam is widely considered the best Personalised Photo Cushion on the market. This product gives you a high-quality, fully-customisable photo in just a few minutes. The memory foam is carefully hand-made from premium premium material to provide you with the softest, biggest and closest photo/image to house.

Personalised Baby Photo Cushion with Photo and Text

Baby accessories are always popular and there are plenty of options when it comes to printing your own photo. Whether you fancy buying a print or adding one to your existing photo collection there are numerous products to choose from. Sometimes complications arise when the photo is made to order and shipped promptly - this is when you need something like The Personalised Baby Photo Cushion.

  • Be Unique
  • Make an Impression
  • Use a Pillow Case as a Gift or as a Home Decoration
  • Tell your story
  • Consider the design and check the colours
  • Order according to theme or occasion
  • Decide on the size and send the images and text

Personalised baby photo cushions are available all over the world. The most popular, however, are those that include pictures of your child with their accessories or toys. There are some really nice offers as well as some really silly ones. The most important thing to remember when choosing a personalised product is that they are designed with your child in mind.

Personalised Photo Cushions Cheap (Double Sided Photo Cushion)

If you are looking for a gift for someone special in your life, then personalised photo cushions are the perfect choice. These beautiful pillows are filled with photos that are specially designed to give a flattering fit and look just like the original photo. They are really expensive but when you see the difference it is worth the price. If you want someone to take their photo without having to worry about making it perfect, then this is what you need to buy.

Personalised photo cushions cheap are designed with your style and needs in mind. From adding unique patterning to contrasting sides, these cushions offer the perfect amount of comfort and style for wearing while you are on the go or at home. Whether it's having just gone on a visit to the mainland or just back from a holiday.

Cheapest Personalised Photo Cushions

Finding the right design can be difficult. The correct product is a luxury good and therefore should be offered at a high price. The designer must be professional and skilled enough to produce the exact product you need at a good quality. Even then, personal tastes can influence whether a buyer decides to buy from the boutique or driving distance. We've scoured the web to bring you the best personalised photo cushions available for purchase this Christmas.

When you walk into a space or room, your eye immediately focuses on the photo cushion and how it will enhance the feel of the space. It becomes almost like an extension of yourself in that you immediately want to tuck into the personalised photo cushion that's on offer.

Personalised Photo Collage Pillow Cases

Personalised photo cushions are a great way to give your body a bit of care and give your photo extra special treatment. Collage pillows have become a modern trend and for good reason. Cushions are the latest addition to the growing range of products available for photo use. As well as being a great way to create a memory, they also make an Ideal Christmas Present for those who love cards and would rather not spend hours fiddling with the crocheted arrangements. Photo collage cushions utilize the extra space left over on a photo after adding a border, text or design. This means that unlike other types of photo collage, they can be used by anyone regardless of their age, gender or preferences.

Photo collages are an excellent way to personalise your pillowcases and create a fun image on top. They come in all shapes and sizes and you can choose from a myriad of designs and images to go with them. Pillowcases are often one of the first and most expensive purchases people make, and it's easy to see why: putting something on your bed or inviting friends over to celebrate a big occasion usually requires a lot of time and effort.

This is a list of personalised photo collage pillow cases that i came up with. They are available in different sizes so you can find one that suits you perfectly. The cases have been designed to be fastened together with just the right amount of care, together with some important information about the product (ie font design, image size, price etc).

  • Think about the shape and size of your pillow
  • Consider whether you want a print or embroidery
  • Choose fabrics that will complement each other
  • Buy a white pillow
  • Ask people to take photos and submit online
  • It’s the perfect size to treasure all of your memories
  • Multiple colours for your style

Picking out a personalised photo collage pillow case can be tricky. After all, not everyone is going to want the same pillow case. When selecting the right case, keep your style in mind. What feels good to you might be completely inappropriate to someone else. It's also a good idea to ask yourself if you need the case in that specific setting or if it would be suitable for another person in your life (for example, if it were left on their bedside table at work and they picked it up every day before they went to sleep, it would probably be fine).

Personalised Dog Photo Cushions

For many of us, our dogs are our closest companions. Their loving care gives us the joy of life; happiness when we are sad, laughter when we are happy and loyalty when we are responsible. Yet, because they live with humans, they require an amount of space that is too large for one person to provide. This is why I created Dog CushionsPersonalised Dog Photo Cushions that give your dog a place to lay down and stretch out.

Personalised Pet Photo Cushions

Pets have been given to people since time immortals and receiving a gift is considered as one of the greatest bonds between man and pet. So why not take advantage of this unique opportunity and extend the feeling you have towards your pet by buying these pet photo cushions? These specialty handmade pet photo cushions are a nice way to give as a gift and also benefit from the pet's opinion of you.

Pillow Logo Design

Are you looking for Pillow logo Design? Welcome to our online shop where you will be able to buy high-quality pillows with or without image. Pillow Logo design is a lively and creative field that demands a lot from its participants. Pillow logo designing company offers high-quality logo designs to help you get your business noticed. Get your company noticed as a premium online store. Pillow Logo design is a great service to offer to companies looking to improve their brand image. It uses a bright, eye-catching design with a simple, yet effective, meaning.

Cheap Photo Cushion

Our cheap photo cushion is crafted to bring you the highest quality products at affordable prices. With our wide variety of styles including ones for your husband, wife, mother, father, grandparents and more; We're certain you'll find the perfect gift. Unique customizations like adding your pets name onto the product make this an unforgettable gift. Each cushion is made to order ensuring fast delivery. This cheap photo cushion is an excellent idea for home decoration. Place it on your bed, sofa or even put on your office desk. 

Photo Montage Cushion

Photo montage cushion is a fun gift for kids. Whether you have a little girl or a little boy, your kid will love all the bright colors and they will beg you to take them with these photo cards!! Photo montage cushion makes a great gift for so many things!!

Add personality to your outdoor space with photo montage cushions. These are beautiful, decorative cushions that you can personalize with photos of family, pets or favorite scenes.

Customised Photo Cushions

Our customised photo cushions will add style and personality to any room and they are so easy to make! With a single click, you can upload your favorite image and we'll do the rest.

Decorate your sofa or bed with a customised photo cushion. Your favourite photo is printed on high quality fabric and is designed to last, just like you. The cushions are hand sewn and we only use the softest materials available.

Cushions with photos on them

Create a comfortable space in your home with beautiful photos on our premium quality, all-over-printed cushions. Printed on the front, back and sides of these cushions with photos on them, your photos are sure command attention. High quality construction means you can enjoy them for years to come. Now you can use your personal photo to create a custom cushion or pillow that will be cherished by everyone who sees it. Using our technology to deliver the highest resolution printing at high speed gives you great results at an amazing price.

Photo cushion next day delivery

Our Photo Cushion Next Day Delivery. Photo gift sales are based on speed of delivery. Photo gifts make the perfect gift. It's unique, personal and no-one else will have it. Easy to create the perfect gift, the Cushion Factory's next day delivery service offers a fast and convenient solution to creating a bespoke cushion from high resolution digital photograph. A cushion can always be a great gift for family and friends. This cushion is made from polyester with the design of photo printed on it. It is soft, smooth and comfortable with functions of anti-dust, easy to clean and long lasting.

Our photo print cushion is a wonderful gift idea, it is comfortable and durable. You can use this cushion to decorate your sofa or bedroom. Also a good decorative accent in your room. Your kids will love it very much! It is a great photo cushion gift for any rooms, not only bedroom or living room, can be used in the office, dining room, study room etc. A great decor to lifts up your feeling! Personalised photo gifts cushions by Henry Factory are the perfect gift idea for all occasions! With many designs to choose from, you can create a gift that will fit in perfectly with any theme.

Personalised multi photo cushions are a great home accessory for any room, and make a fantastic gift for family, friends or even yourself. You can select from a wide range of colours and the photos can be uploaded from your phone, tablet or computer. What makes these cushions so special is that they are made to order and you can upload as many photos as you want!

Small personalised photo cushions: photo cushions come in all shapes and sizes, so it's easy to find one that fits nicely on your couch or coffee table. But if you want to take your love of personalized gifts to the next level, consider getting a few personalized cushions for different people in your life.

Personalised cushions with photo It's a good idea to select a cushion that suits your requirements, whether you want it to be big or small. You can use cushions as presents, or simply leave it as a decorative piece. You can personalise them with your own message or choose from one of our pre-made cushions.

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Photo cushions Custom Photo Logo Text Cushion

Photo cushions Custom Photo Logo Text Cushion this is an exclusive gift created specially for your order using high quality materials. The product is fully functional with reliable printing. Your gift may be the only one in the world.

A Photo cushions Custom Photo Logo Text Cushion made specifically for a loved one will always be the best gift. The best moments in life will delight and remind you of your concern for a long time.

To buy a Photo cushions Custom Photo Logo Text Cushion online, all you have to do is upload a photo or add the text that you want to personalise on the gift, add it to the basket, indicate the recipient's name and address and pay using PayPal.