Personalised Backpack

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Backpack with personalised sublimation print

Backpack sack Drawstring bag personalised sublimation print


  • * Heavy 170g/m2, 100% polyester, waterproof, durable.
  • * Promo 120g/m2, 100% poliester microfibra, economical version. 

Cord - 6mm cord few color to choose.

  • Size -  340x420mm
  • Print - Full color print CMYK
  • Packing - bulk in box or in polybag
  • On your order we can make customized label and sticker.
  • Backpack made of high-quality polyester waterproof.
  • Nice look, cool your design and colors. 

Henry Factory backpack

The Henry Factory backpack is an interesting take on the fashion world. Not only are they making a stylish men's backpack but they're also offering a range of different backpacks in different colours, designs and sizes. This is a company that is taking fashionable backpacks to a whole new level. Personalised bags are something that doesn't get mentioned as much as they should and I think that's because they're seen as just another accessory — but they're not. Every detail counts when it comes to delivering a personalized product and I think that's why Henry Factory have been able to deliver bags that are cutting-edge.

Revolution in personalisation

The advent of the smartphone has led to a revolution in personalisation. We are able to personalise anything from our daily lives to products that we buy. We are even able to make our own choices by picking out the product that best suits our needs and likes. The backpack industry has realized the huge potential of smartphone photography and has created a range of products that help you take better photos in order to put more detail into your pictures.

Unique backpack

Picking out the right personalised backpack can be tricky. Just looking at different models can give you an idea what to expect from them, but the actual buying experience will differ slightly depending on the retailer. Picking out a backpack from a large chain store will usually result in a generic style backpack that will get tossed around the house since it's not tailored to your specific needs. If you want a unique and tailored backpack you should look for one that is specifically designed for you by a specialist manufacturer.

Personal backpack

The right backpack can make a huge difference in terms of both comfort and transport. It should allow easy access to your essentials while still looking stylish and sophisticated enough to hold its own in a crowd. When it comes to looking for the best personal backpack, what matters the most is comfort and functionality. Grab some inspiration from these stylish backpack designs. These stylish backpacks will make your everyday carry practically indispensable. Whether you choose to use them for work or play, these stylish packs offer all the features you need and then some. When it comes to your everyday carry, style and style alone is all that matters.

What makes a backpack hip?

Well, it’s got to have the latest functionality and carry the most weight. More than that, though, it has to look good and feel comfortable in your hands. It should be small but still have a big enough pocket so you can keep everything you need easily accessible when you are on the go. The perfect backpack should also have everything you need practically on hand at all times – if it does not, it will just feel cheap.

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Personalised Backpack

Personalised Backpack this is an exclusive gift created specially for your order using high quality materials. The product is fully functional with reliable printing. Your gift may be the only one in the world.

A Personalised Backpack made specifically for a loved one will always be the best gift. The best moments in life will delight and remind you of your concern for a long time.

To buy a Personalised Backpack online, all you have to do is upload a photo or add the text that you want to personalise on the gift, add it to the basket, indicate the recipient's name and address and pay using PayPal.