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  • Big Personalised Face Cushion (Full Face Cushion)

    Brand: Henry Factory
    Product Code: 0016
    Availability: In Stock
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    Customisable full face cushion

    Create and encourage the connection between you and your loved one. Many people FaceTime and Skype with loved ones overseas, but the options for expressing your love are limited. With our design, you can take your relationship to a whole new level. Cushion with Your Face is a customisable full face cushion with your face on it. Perfect for couples who live apart, especially at Christmas or Valentine's Day! Option to personalise by adding names and dates of birth too.

    Cushion with your face

    Being a Cushion with Your Face is an artform, and one that we could have never mastered without the help of you guys, our fabulous customers. This milestone has been made possible by all of you, our amazing fans. Here at Henry Factory Cushion with Your Face we are committed to making unique face cushions for people like YOU…each and every day! We here at Henry Factory Cushion with Your Face are so passionate about what we do and enjoy hearing from you all about your latest purchases and Instagram shots.

    This cushion has your face on it! Have a bit of fun with this novelty cushion which looks like your face. The ideal accessory for each and everyone at home, at work, in the car or office. Ideal for men to use behind their heads whilst watching TV or as a travel pillow to rest their head on while relaxing on long journeys. When you are not using the cushion roll it up and store it in its handy pouch - ideal for taking the pillow with you on a holiday or weekend away, great to take when camping too! Personalise it by adding a name or message.

    Cool gift. A cheerful mood guaranteed )