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  • Personalised Deck Chair

    Brand: Henry Factory
    Product Code: 0006
    Availability: In Stock
     76.97€  69.97€
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    Beach Personalised Deck Chair (Logo Beach Chairs / Deckchair)

    We give as many as 7 years of warranty for the durability of the print and cover!

    • Logo rinted beach chairs / deckchair
    • 100% Made in EU
    • Frame - 100% Polish wood, 3,5cm
    • Fabric - 100% poliester, 250 g/m2
    • Print - Full color print CMYK (100cm x 40cm)
    • Seasoned wood of high quality, wide profile
    • FSC wood
    • Verified origin
    • High-quality product!
    • MQQ - 1pcs in your design
    • Weight - 5KG

    A wooden structure made of Polish beech wood with precise polishing:

    1. The slats have a cross-section of 3.5 cm and are connected with rivets (not screws !!), which  prevents them from accidentally unscrewing during use.
    2. Lounging wood without knots with a constant degree of humidity.
    3. All wooden elements are rounded.
    4. Three-stage adjustment of the backrest angle with additional protection against folding.

    Personalised Beach Deck chairs

    It is wonderful to have a beach chair that you can relax in and enjoy the ocean views while knowing that you are under cover of safety. This is what happens when you personalise a logo beach chair with your logo or name. It becomes an additional piece of your decor and enhances the style of your entire outdoor space. Whether you choose to sit in it on a hot summer day, or lay back on it for a beautiful sunset or stars show, you are guaranteed to look and feel stylish and fresh.

    With its unique design it allows you to relax and enjoy your favourite sunbathing spot with the peace of mind that you are under a secure cover. If you want to increase the amount of time that you spend outdoors during the summer, or you want an excellent, professional promotional tool for your business then a logo beach chair is a great option.

    You’ll feel like you’re on vacation every time you relax in this customized logo chair. With your name or logo emblazoned across the fabric, it will add an elegant touch to your outdoor space.

    Custom logo beach chairs with name

    Custom logo beach chairs are a beautiful way to show your name in between the elements. Whether you sit under the shade or want to enjoy some magnificent stars, you will set yourself apart from other beachgoers.

    Deckchair with Company’s Logo

    The logo beach deckchair is a compact and cute chair is just perfect for outdoor activities. With its lightweight frame and soft upholstery, it’s the ideal piece of decor to display your company’s logo or name on.

    Unique Furniture

    A must-have for any outdoor space, a personalized logo beach chair adds interest to the entire setting. The Logo Beach Deckchair is a trendy and stylish chair designed to fit perfectly in your outdoor space. What’s more, it comes with the option of logo printing, allowing you to truly personalize this piece of furniture.

    Logo Beach is a Lifestyle

    We design and handcraft every single one of our products to ensure that we leave our mark on them as well as the people around us. With our simple and functional designs, we want our customers to feel beautiful when they use them and to always look their best. That's why we've come up with a few reasons why you should choose a logo beach deckchair over the rest.

    We’ve got a stellar range of beach style deck chairs to suit both theme and budget. Choose from modern beach themed lounge chairs, traditional beach lounge chairs, armless chairs or recliner chairs. Each style comes in a personalised colour and logo design and is available in a variety of sizes so you can choose the one that will best fits your needs. Be sure to check out the online shop for updated product images and new product launches.

    Extra comfortable deckchairs

    Logo Beach Deckchair !!! Extra comfortable deckchairs - whether by the seaside or simply in the garden, your logo or personal photo are applied to the chair quickly, cleanly and professionally. The company Henry Factory offers different models of deckchairs with your logo and photo on it.

    • These fantastic custom deckchairs are the perfect addition to any Garden Party/Graduation.
    • We are the exciting new range of generic beach deckchairs.
    • Our basic design can be customised with your own logo and colours to create a striking outdoor advertising presence.
    • Add your own special moments to a summer day with our customised beach deckchairs.
    I got a lot of positive feedback on the design and craftsmanship of my deckchair. I highly recommend the customised chairs. They are well worth it.
    The beach deckchairs are amazing. I ordered 8 from you and they were a big hit at our wedding in Honolulu, Hawaii. Everyone loved them and was asking where we got them. We love the company as well and the service we have received so far.
    I ordered a personalised beach chair for my dad's 70th birthday. I was tired of giving him the usual golf / whisky / photo frames. So, I ordered a custom deckchair with a photo of him as a young lad on it. He loved it as did the whole family.
    The deck chairs look amazing! Exactly as we wanted them. Great quality. I ordered samples first and although we were happy with the quality of the fabric, the colour wasn't quite what we wanted so we ordered a custom order instead and it turned out great!
    We had a great response to the deckchairs and we will be ordering more. We could not have done this without you guys and I wanted to thank you for all your help.
    My wife and I loved these chairs. They were a big hit at our wedding. We have received rave reviews about the custom beach chairs from our friends and family.
    The Beach Chair looks fantastic and everyone is asking where we got it from. Thank you for a great job, would be happy to recommend you to anyone who asks.
    Our Beach Deck Chairs have taken our beach-side brand to a whole new level. The quality and comfort of the chairs are amazing, and they're built to last for years.
    The best furniture is personalized furniture.
    I'm so happy with the logo deckchair. The chair and the service has been excellent. It was a pleasure working with you.