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  • Personalised Beach Slippers with Photo

    Brand: Henry Factory
    Product Code: 0045
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    Custom slippers with a photo of yourself

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    It doesn't get much better than walking around in your new custom pair of shoes. Whether it's stepping into a new mall, or going out for a meal at an elegant restaurant, the experience is truly special. If only there was a way for us to capture that fun and create a memory to treasure forever… well, we’ve found just the thing. Customise your own pair of custom slippers with a photo of yourself.

    Create your own slippers

    Creating your own slippers is an awesome gift idea and a fun way to personalise your home. No two feet are the same, especially when it comes to socks. Everyone has their own style and preferences when it comes to footwear it's just about choosing the right pair for you! 

    Comfortable beach shoes

    If you're looking for fashionable and comfortable beach shoes that can keep your feet dry after a long day spent at the beach either on vacation or working outside there's a pair of lace-up sandals for sale that's perfect for both men and women. Finding the right pair of shoes is an essential aspect of the summer wardrobe. In fact, you probably don’t want to walk around the beach in anything less than perfect shoes. There are two main considerations when choosing your shoe: comfort level and style. Comfort refers to how tightly the shoe fits around your foot.

    Personalised Slippers

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have nice, personalised slippers that could match your every day style? Imagine wearing your favourite pair of shoes every day with no hassle or hassle of finding the perfect pair. That’s exactly what Personalised Slippers is all about. We take pride in creating personalized slippers for people who want the best quality, style and comfort experience when they slip them on. Personalised Slippers has been set up by a pair of fashion mavens who love creating custom fitted and designed footwear for people who want more than just ordinary custom made shoes.

    Custom slippers

    If you want a pair of custom-made slippers that look just like the ones you wear but are made for you, then immerse yourself in Henry Factory online community. Every pair of custom slippers is hand-crafted using high-quality materials and presented in a matching set of custom-printed formal shoes. With over a decade of experience in creating custom products, Henry Factory offers an unparalleled selection of styles and fabrics so that you can match your style and wardrobe without ever having to leave your couch. It doesn’t matter if you are going on a trip, or simply shopping on your favorite rainy day, your feet must feel right at home. It is very important that you ensure that your feet stay comfortable when wearing casual shoes. While executing this tip may be optional, having the proper footwear at hand can help you appear stylish no matter what type of day you’re dealing with! Make sure to always choose stylish, comfortable footwear with rubber sole.

    Perfect new pair of shoes

    We all love to surprise ourselves with the perfect new pair of shoes. We also love to walk into a store and see a bunch of different shoes, none of which look like the others. If this seems impossible, you can try online shopping for custom pair of custom slippers. Imagine having the option of buying the exact same pair of shoes as someone else (or even less expensive), but having the opportunity to choose from a variety of designs, materials, and colors.

    I have to say that I love my slippers! The quality is second to none. The delivery was really quick. I have recommended these slippers to all my friends and family. I will definitely purchase another pair in the future.
    I am very pleased with my purchase. The slippers are of good quality, the personalisation is excellent and they look exactly as shown on the website. I cannot wait to give them to my friend for her birthday on Monday. Thank you!
    Everyone who sees them loves them! I absolutely love my new slippers with the pictures of my children on them. They are warm, comfortable and of very good quality! This is not the first item I have ordered from Henry Factory, and it won't be the last. Thank you for another wonderful product. I am so pleased with your service.
    A great gift. An irreplaceable thing in the summer.