Personalased Photo Towels

Are you looking for a towel with a name? Or towels of a specific color? Then you've come to the right place, and you no longer have to hesitate and design and order your own towel with your name. It is a truly personal gift for many occasions like birthdays, weddings or Christmas. Personal towels are, of course, suitable for daily use and can be washed at 40 °.

A personalised towel with your name on it!

This named towel is a great personal gift in and of itself, but it can also be gifted in combination with a named bathrobe.

Personalised beach photo towels

Personalised photo towels for your next trip or beach day! We offer a wide range of Personalised Beach Towels and other designs to choose from. Each beach towel with text is created by our in-house design team based on your specifications. This means your custom made towel is tailored to perfection. Most of our towels are intended as gifts, so we focus on the overall experience rather than simply just a product you purchase. Custom towels are the perfect gift for any occasion. A printing photo towel can be used at the beach, on holidays, or at home. Personalise Your Own Towel with photos or text for a special gift. Check out the range of options available and buy custom printed towels online today.

Personalised towel gift

Personalised towels are one of the best bath time essentials you could gift to your loved ones, especially when you are celebrating your anniversary or for any other occasion. Whimsical monogrammed towels available in lots of colours. Create your own custom towel in first initial and surname or pick from one of our unique designs. Give your loved one something special this Christmas, a unique towel for the beach, the pool or as a photo towel gift. Have a look at the wide range of towels available from Personalised Gifts Online. We have a great selection including beach towels, custom towels, personalized beach towels and much more.

Customised towels for special occasions

Thanks to the advancements in digital printing, you can now treat your loved ones with Customised Towels for Special Occasions. Personalised gifts are ideal gifts for birthday, relation or anniversary. They are also great for corporate gifting and fundraising purposes. Our collection of Printed Towel range from beach towels, bathroom towels, handbags all products can be personalised with your favourite photos, company logos and text thus making them unique and special gifts which will never be forgotten.

Towels are one of the most highly used items on a cruise ship or yacht. We use them to dry off after a swim, to dry off and lay across our lounge chairs on a hot day, and even sometimes to lie down and take a nap. Personalised towels are a great marketing tool and make for a fun personalized gift for your family.

Personalised towels with photo

Get the towels that really fit your unique style by adding them to your shopping bag today. Personalised towels with photo make an instant, personality-led impression on customers and can increase your brand reputation with a high-end clientele. Some brands even go the extra mile and include a personal message directly on the towel.

Just upload your photo or text on our website and we will make personalised towels according to your order.

Henry Factory Produces the highest quality personalized towels delivered to your home.

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Custom photo towels

If you are looking to give your home a new look or if you simply need a new look - you are in the right place! We have a wide range of custom photo towels in various designs and sizes that will surely make your living room style look fresh and modern. Monogrammed printed photo towels add a little style while writing your own name or message on the back. These pieces also come in different sizes so that you can choose the one that will work perfect for your bathroom or bedroom already!

Personalised photo beach towels

If you are looking for a great personalised photo beach towels then look no further! Decorative towels are always a treat and we all love a good message on a personalised towel. There are plenty of options available ranging in price and style but when it comes down to it each has their own special feel about them. Modern art and graphics are a great way to personalise your own towels as well as adding some colour to your room/living room. If you have a specific area in mind then shop around and check out some of these ideas.

Personalised Towels Factory

Personalised towels factory is a leading supplier of high quality personalised towels and beach towels in the world. We have our own factories, so we can assure to offer you the very competitive price. We have professional designers to help you create your own design, and our sales team are able to speak English fluently. We have been exporting our products since 2003, and have won a good reputation from customers all over the world. With us, you will get the top quality products at the best price.

Microfiber towel

At the top of the list is a microfiber towel — a lightweight, absorbent towel that's perfect for removing excess moisture from your skin. Microfiber towels are also great for deep-cleaning and removing makeup and dirt from your face. They're known for their ability to dry quickly and thoroughly, which makes them ideal bathroom accessories for travelers and people who like to keep things light in the bathroom during the summer months.

Microfiber towels are also incredibly versatile — they’re made from microfiber threads, which are thinner than human hair. This makes them so soft and plush that you can even use them as rags! And the thin threads mean the towels can dry incredibly quickly and stay that way for a long time. Microfiber towels let you wash your dishes, clean your windows and dust off furniture without worrying about leaving a streak. They're super absorbent and can be used to clean glass or mirror without scratching them.